Age is not a barrier to entry when it comes to scuba diving. More and more we see people of all ages exploring the depths of the oceans and this excites us beyond description. We are especially thrilled to see how seniors are defying the expectations that society places on them by embracing the new, the challenging. Yet, despite the fact that seniors can and do dive with more and more frequency, there are certain things they should remember when undertaking this thrilling sport.

  • Have a full medical evaluation first: Let’s face it – some of us age more gracefully than others. Someone who has been an athlete his/her entire life, for example, can expect to be in better condition for diving even as he/she reaches his/her senior years. Someone who is out of shape should proceed with caution. Consult with your doctor before engaging in any new form of physical activity.
  • Find a qualified instructor: A qualified instructor who is PADI certified will know how to tailor his/her instruction to meet your needs. He/she will be able to make his instruction customized just as our custom dives in Maui are individualized.
  • Don’t push yourself: This warning goes for all divers regardless of age. Seniors in particular should not hesitate to tell their instructor or dive buddy when they are fatigued. Fatigue can quickly turn to injury or worse.
  • Don’t ignore age-related illnesses: Be careful if you have hypertension, heart disease etc. These conditions may either restrict you from diving or make you have to modify how far you dive, etc.
  • Hydrate before you dive: Scuba diving can quickly cause one to lose water. This is done through perspiration, respiration, the sun, etc. Thus, it is important to hydrate before diving in order to prevent injury and sickness. It is also important to know the symptoms of dehydration which include dry mouth, extreme thirst, confusion, dizziness, etc.
  • Choose the appropriate equipment: Make sure your equipment fits properly before you go diving. This will make your dive safer and more comfortable.

By using these tips and the guidance of qualified instructors, most people will be able to enjoy diving well into their senior years. After all, one of the most famous divers of all was Jacque Cousteau who explored the depths of the ocean well into his golden years. His exploits remind us all that we often have to revise our notion of what the elderly are capable of. We invite adventurers of all ages to join us on our custom diving packages in Maui.