Maui Scuba Instructor

Meet the world famous scuba Instructor Mike Preztak

Certified Master Instructor

Maui Scuba Mike offers a full array of scuba diving options geared to fit any level of diving ability and preference. Beginner and advanced divers seek out Maui Scuba Mike because of his patient yet enthusiastic approach to scuba diving lessons and PADI certification. Scuba buffs seek Mike out as a diving companion to unlock the Maui dive site secrets as only a scuba master of his caliber can. Mike never wants a Maui visitor to go away without being blown away by the beauty that lies under the blue water, which is why he continues to innovate the types of dive packages he offers.

As a CERTIFIED MASTER PADI INSTRUCTOR, Scuba Mike offers the following Maui scuba diving options:

Maui Scuba Instructor

Tropical fish in Maui reef

What To Expect On Your Scuba Dive

The Maui underwater landscape is characterized by intricate lava tubes, caverns, and coral reefs. Divers are exposed to over 450 species of fish, sea turtles, octopuses, angler fish, conger eels, and other colorful creatures. Maui is also home to a very rare species of black coral visible in lower depths (200-300 feet). Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for people around the globe and the island of Maui attracts scuba diving enthusiast from all over.  If you only settle for staying on land well miss out on a fresh perspective and something that I recommended everyone to at least try once, Scuba dive. From cavern dives to wreck tours, Scuba Mike will show you how unforgettable scuba diving in Maui can be.

Do not hesitate to contact Mike by phone, he love to chat and will answer all your questions.

Why scuba dive while visiting Maui?

As one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world, Maui is in a league of its own.

With an expansive reef system, Maui scuba diving is guaranteed to please those Maui travelers with scuba diving on there list of things todo. Visibility is crystal clear up to 100 feet plus depending on conditions and the Maui climate remains a steady tropical warmth most of the year. If you have arrived in Maui to cross scuba diving off your bucket list or are an expert diver in your own right traveling to your next dive destination, Maui is a great place to scuba dive.

Paradise on Maui

What Do Our Customer Say?

“I had Mike train and certify my 15 year old daughter and her friend on this trip.
Mike was awesome, communicated very well with the girls and got them all certified up.
Cannot tell you how much I appreciate his patience and his professionalism.
We will be diving with him again next year!!”

Rdgprez Bellevue, WashingtonTripAdvisor

“Diving was one of my “must dos” on my trip to Maui a few weeks ago.
I hadn’t been diving since I first got certified a few years ago, so I had some anxiety about it.
I have to say, I could not have picked a better instructor. Mike was patient, but he was also able to refresh my memory very quickly. I recommend the scooters. fun!
He was also very accommodating as I had to book my dive just 1 day in advance.
Tons of diving companies in Lahaina, but Scuba Mike’s is the way to go…hands down!
What a personable guy, very friendly and professional.
Thanks Mike, I will definitely be calling you if I am fortunate enough to get back there!”

Blair CTripAdvisor

Thank you for an amazing dive!

“We were a little nervous about diving since we never went before, but he made us feel comfortable and educated. We had an amazing dive thank you scuba mike!”