Maui Scooter Dive

Diver Propulsion Vehicle allows you to go faster, see more & have fun!

Take the better dive, the Scooter Dive

Scooter dives are just one more way Scuba Mike brings new innovation to the Maui scuba diving scene. Fly through the water with the aid of a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), also known as an underwater scooter. One of the most popular diving options for certified beginners, Maui scooter dives combine both high performance and reliability to maximize any certified diver’s time in the ocean. Maui Scuba Mike’s Scooter Dive is a fantastic way to see more underwater scenery in less time.

Each scooter dive allows for extended reef, wreck, and cave exploration that would normally be reserved for the pros. Conserve energy, air, and time with the aid of an underwater scooter. A whole new dimension of adventure is added when utilizing the help of a diver propulsion vehicle. As an accomplished scuba dive master, Scuba Mike has completed thousands of scooter dives off the island of Maui with certified divers of all skill levels.

His formidable reputation has earned him notoriety among travelers and seasoned divers alike. Give Mike a call to learn more (808)250-5494

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Just Watch This Maui Scooter Dive To Get The Feel

What To Expect On Your Maui Scooter Dive

Each scooter functions with easy maneuverability and is a perfect option for any certified diver with limited mobility. Each scooter is ergonomically designed for extended comfort while in the water. Recreational divers are able to keep up regardless of their swimming abilities. There are a few tips to keep in mind, however when diving with the help of a diver propulsion vehicle.

  1. Ascend and Descend with Care – The rules of scuba still apply when on a Maui scooter dive. Moving slowly in and out of the water to avoid air pressure problems remains paramount with or without the use of a scooter.
  2. Stay Close to your Dive Master – The ability to travel faster and travel further creates and entirely new set of concerns. Divers participating in scooter dives must stay aware of their surroundings and be careful not to get too far away from their group. Getting distracted or lost can put any diver at risk of missing his or her start point and depleting air supply too soon.
  3. Avoid the Bottom – Scuba Mike encourages all of his scooter divers to keep a safe distance from the bottom of the ocean. Maneuvering your scooter too close to the bottom may stir up marine life and cause visibility issues for others in your diving group.

Why scooter dive while visiting Maui?

Scuba Mike has been leading scooter dives for many years and will guide each previously certified diver through the process with expert understanding. Mike Przetak seeks to not only explore magnificent underwater ecosystems but to also expand diver knowledge and understanding of underwater scuba techniques. Statistics point to scooter dives taking divers eight times further and five times faster than manual diving.

Scooter dives are great for cruising along a favorite reef or for the more advanced wreck exploration. Scuba Mike’s Maui scooter dives are designed to fit both the recreational diver and the dive master looking to push through a previously undiscovered underwater cave. Participating in a scooter dive with Scuba Mike is an affordable way to make your time in Maui unforgettable. Contact Mike today to schedule your Maui scooter dive!

Maui Scooter Dive

What Do Our Maui Scooter
Dive Customers Say?

“The scooter is the way to go! We covered so much area and saw so much it was really fun!”

DaleLos AngelesTripAdvisor

“I have scuba dived in Maui before but this was my first time to Scooter Dive in Maui. I had a blast, the scooter took us all over it was effortless and fun. It brought another level of coolness to be able to cruise around underwater with ease.”


“Thank you for an amazing scooter dive experience! I didn’t even know about this cool activity until Mike introduced it, and I am so glad we tried it it was soooo much fun!!!

AmandaAustin, TexasTripAdvisor