For years Holly wood has tried to capture the excitement of scuba diving in movies such as “Thunderball,” “The Abyss,” “Open Water.” To guarantee the most realistic scenes they can, directors have often asked that celebrities to be trained to scuba dive resulting in some very famous people growing an affinity and even a love for the activity. Here is a list of celebrities who have decided to take the plunge into scuba diving and turned it into a real-life hobby.

  • Sandra Bullock: This star of movies such as While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality, The Bird Box and Gravity, decided to conquer her fear of the ocean in a unique way. She decided to learn scuba diving. Bullock has said, “I love when you get to the peace of scuba diving.”
  • Penelope Cruz: Miss Cruz has taken her love of scuba diving one step further than Bullock by learning to swim with sharks near the Caribbean and Brazil. She shares her love of scuba diving with her equally famous good friend Salma Hayek who is also a qualified diver.
  • Tiger Woods: One of this world class tennis player’s favorite hobbies is scuba diving by himself. Woods says that he does so because he loves the solitude and peace of mind it affords him.
  • Tom Cruise: Cruise has long been known as an adventure seeker who even in his early 50s loves doing his own stunts in movies such as Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher. Cruise is an avid scuba diver and his talent for diving shows in one scene in Mission Impossible where he was required to hold his breath underwater for an impressive 6 minutes!
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: Another celebrity who scubas as a way to escape his adoring fans is this star of The Titanic and Catch Me if You Can. He and his co-star of the latter movie, Tom Hanks, both enjoy scuba diving.
  • James Cameron: Director of such movies as Titanic, The Terminator, Avatar and the Abyss, Cameron really is in a league of his own. He has developed what can only be described as a passion for exploring whether it is in a suit and gear or in a submersible craft.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll see any of the above celebrities during one of our custom dives in Maui, we can guarantee that you will encounter breathtaking scenery and fascinating creatures. You will also develop a respect and love for the ocean during one of our private scuba lessons in Maui. So, regardless of why you have decided to dive, we welcome you and your guests.