Almost by their very nature scuba divers are interested in seeing and experiencing marine wildlife in its most pristine and natural setting. Diving makes a person one with the ocean and instills in one the desire to not only experience this unique setting but protect it as well. How can you contribute to marine conservation as a diver so that marine wildlife can thrive and so that others can enjoy the depths the world’s majestic oceans? Read on to discover some ways to protect the oceans and some organizations that are doing more than their part as well.

  • Don’t pilfer items from the ocean: Though the temptation may be great, don’t take home souvenirs from the depths of the ocean. Doing so only destroys part of the ocean environment and it will deprive others of seeing these items. Finally, some of the objects you take from the ocean may actually be the home of various sea creatures. (Imagine someone picking up your home and carting it off as a souvenir.)
  • Give reefs a checkup: As a diver you can join one of many organizations (some we have listed below) that check up on the health of the coral reef. The information that you can gather while having fun, can help prevent and restore the coral reefs that as most people know are in danger in many parts of the world.
  • Educate others: Just as we are attempting to do with this post, educate others about how they can preserve and protect the oceans. You can best accomplish this by learning as much as you can from organizations such as Global Ocean Legacy and then passing that knowledge on to other divers and non-divers alike.
  • Choose nontoxic household items: The fertilizers and pesticides on your lawn and garden can eventually end up in our lakes, streams and oceans via the sewer system. Recognize that the chemicals in these products can starve the ocean of oxygen and endanger sea life.
  • Join organizations that help protect the ocean: Many fine organizations work to protect the ocean and educate the general public. The following is a list of these organizations:


The Ocean Conservancy

Project AWARE Foundation

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Marine Megafauna Foundation

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Coral Reef Alliance

The Nature Conservancy

World Wildlife Fund


Unfortunately, many famous and loved dive sites are slowly declining around the world. You can do your part and educate others on how they can help preserve the world’s oceans by becoming proactive. Don’t just dive for fun. Dive to help save our oceans. Help make our family friendly dive tours in Maui a true opportunity to learn and grow and to help sea life. Our instructors are PADI certified in Maui and can give you even more guidance on protecting our oceans.