Our private dive tours in Maui have so many things to recommend, that one scarcely knows where to begin. For one thing, they satisfy mankind’s innate desire to seek adventure and to explore. For another, they help divers connect with others who belong to a tight-knit community of latter day explorers. However, what many who have not discovered this thrilling experience have not discovered is that Scuba diving also benefits the body in many surprising ways. So, whether you have just started Scuba diving or you are an experienced deep sea diver, here are 5 benefits that Scuba diving has to offer.

  • Greater strength and flexibility: As you propel yourself throughout the water your muscles are tasked with working harder than they would if you were on the land. This increased resistance gives the muscles a complete body workout that is unlike what you would get from many other kinds of activities. Additionally, you gain greater flexibility and endurance which can help in a wide range of life’s activities.
  • Improves blood circulation: Being underwater changes the pressure gradient your body and lungs are exposed to. Additionally, your blood vessels must work harder to bring the same amount of oxygen to your muscles.
  • Lower blood pressure: The slow and deep breathing techniques one must learn to use while SCUBA help to keep you calm and thus aids in the reduction of blood pressure. Of course, if you are being treated for high blood pressure you should not abandon your medications simply because you have taken up SCUBA diving.
  • Exposure to sunlight: The body can only produce vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D helps promote healthy teeth and bones by facilitating the body’s absorption of calcium. Moreover, vitamin D also supports the immune system, brain, and nervous system. Our custom dives in Maui are an excellent way to exercise and to explore in the beauty and life-affirming sunlight of the island.
  • Relieves stress: The deep, slow steady breathing that is required during a drive is not unlike the breathing patterns most of us are taught when learning how to meditate. Thus, this kind of breathing puts one in a state of calm which helps relieve stress.scuba diving

As you can see here our private dive tours in Maui carry with them a myriad of benefits for the body and mind. Most importantly, they are just plain fun. They allow novices and experts alike to witness the unique and vibrant undersea creatures that make the waters around the island their home. You haven’t truly seen Maui until you’ve seen it from under its waters.

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