Traveling to your dream destination would be quite exciting. But are you aware of the fact that 71% of the world is underwater? Even if you tour the world you are able to see only 29% of the planet. Diving can open a whole new world where you can experience the spectacular sea life.

Scuba Diving is the most mesmerizing adventures in one’s life as it adds a special thrill to your trip. It would be the best chance to explore the underwater world. Nevertheless, it is a fun adventure but at the same time it would be a disaster if safety precautions are ignored. There are certain thumb rules to be followed to make your scuba diving a joyous dive through the turquoise waters.

  • Prevent Your Mask Fogging up:
    If you had just bought a new mask, rub it with toothpaste on the inside to prevent fogging. If it is an old one, clean it with a baby shampoo which acts like a defogging solution to keep your mask free from fogging, thus improving the clarity of vision underwater.
  • Tie Your Hair:
    If you have a long hair, ensure to tie it up before you dive because long hair can get trapped under your mask which leads to breaking the seal that causes to leak.
  • Wear dark colors:
  • Avoid Sunscreen:Avoid sunscreen while you dive, as sunscreen can damage coral reefs. Instead, use a hood to protect your skin from the sun rays.
  • Clear Your Ears:Get your ears cleaned with the doctor before you dive. Cleaned ears can help you to have an easier descent.
  • Hire an Experienced Dive Master:
    Diving can be easy if your instructor knew their way. The more experienced they are, the better the dive will be since they get you to the hot spots where the marine life exists. So ensure to hire an experienced Scuba diving master.
  • Dive Horizontally, but not Vertical:
    Try to dive horizontally underwater to improve your finning efficiency saves energy and reduce air consumption.
  • Stay Sober:
    Never ever dive when you are drunk, as it alters your thinking.
  • Hand Communication:
    You can’t talk in the water, but communicating is crucial, so practice hand signals to communicate well underwater.
  • Diving with a Partner:
    Scuba diving would be fun with a partner and you would be much safer with partners as they will keep an eye on you.
  • Share Your Experience:
    After your dive, slow down, relax and focus on steady breathing. Then start enjoying the experience when you dive in the beautiful ecosystem.

Follow these safety tips and have a wonderful scuba diving toursever!!