Shore diving is both convenient and simple. First of all, it is a great way to avoid the fees associated with renting a personal craft or charter. Secondly, it is a great way to open up a whole new world of diving as many amateur divers soon discover. Here are some tips and tricks to make your shore diving adventure safer and more enjoyable!

  • Plan your dive before you arrive! While all dives require some planning, shore dives require a little extra forethought than diving from a boat. As a shore diver you will have to decide where on the beach you will park and how far your surface swim will be. Also, you will have to know the terrain of where you will be diving and the relative strength of the waves you will have to overcome as you enter the water.
  • Keep in good physical condition: Again, this is a prerequisite to all forms of diving. However, shore diving requires that you be able to walk some distance with your equipment in hand to and from the shore. It also may require you to snorkel for some distance before submerging. Finally, you may need to tow your buddy back to shore in the event of an accident. Therefore, we recommend that you have a complete physical before attempting a shore dive.
  • Avoid dangerous areas: Be mindful of any underwater debris, rocks or other objects that you may have to wade through before you submerge. Also beware that the movement of the water may make these items invisible. This is why it is helpful to research the site carefully before you decide to dive from the shore.
  • Wear booties! In warm regions that sand can become fairly hot so you may burn your feet when walking towards the water. Also, you will need to wear booties in order to protect yourself from rocks and other debris you may encounter before – and after – entering the water.
  • Note a visual reference point: Make sure that you have a visual reference point to help you as you are about to resurface since you will not have a boat to re-enter.

As you can see, shore diving is a different animal than diving from a boat. However, you should not be intimidated by this as it can be quite easy when the proper preparations are taken. Our scuba diving lessons in Maui cover every aspect of diving. And our private scuba tours in Maui, exposes guests to some of the most exotic undersea flora and fauna on earth. So, whether you prefer to dive from a boat or the shore, we are here to accommodate you.