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6 Tips for Easy Equalizing After a Dive

Our ears are incredibly complicated organs. Not only do we perceive sound through them but they also play a critical part in helping us to maintain our balance. No one knows this more than people who scuba dive. Divers are vulnerable to ear problems because the delicate mechanisms that govern our hearing and balance are […]

All About Technical Diving: A brief guide for beginners

If you are an experienced diver then you can understand the feeling of accomplishment that descending to a 100-foot/30 meter depth can bring. Put simply – it’s a rush. However, there those of us who desire to test ourselves even further and explore more challenging depths. This kind of diving is referred to as technical […]

7 Tips for Filming Under Water

Have you ever wondered how they make those stunning underwater videos of our oceans and seas and the life beneath them? Well, it is not by accident. It takes a bit of skill and luck to create mesmerizing videos that make the viewer feel like he/she was a part of the underwater adventure. Here are […]

Tips to Make Your Scuba Diving Success

Traveling to your dream destination would be quite exciting. But are you aware of the fact that 71% of the world is underwater? Even if you tour the world you are able to see only 29% of the planet. Diving can open a whole new world where you can experience the spectacular sea life. Scuba […]

Tips for Avoiding Shark Attacks

Scuba diving around sharks can be one of the most exhilarating things a diver can experience. These apex predators are kings of the undersea world and are beautiful, graceful and deadly. Most veteran divers always keep the deadly part in mind and in doing so take pleasure in the experience. On the other hand, inexperienced […]

Interesting Facts about Spinner Dolphins

One thing that excites visitors the most about our scuba packages in Mauhttps://mauiscubamike.comi is that it gives them the opportunity to observe wild spinner dolphins. The spinner dolphin (aka the long-snouted dolphin), is well known for its acrobatic abilities, its affable nature and is the kind most likely to be seen around Maui. So that […]

Returning to Diving After DCS

Decompression disorders are known to be complex and after one has suffered from a bout of DCS, or the bends as it is more commonly known, some people are eager to resume diving. And while this may not make sense to those of you out there who have never tried their hand at diving, we […]

Tips for Avoiding and the Bends

Decompression sickness – or what is more popularly known as “the bends” – is the bane of most scuba divers existence. Nearly all of us have encountered this painful and inconvenient condition the symptoms of which are joint pain, dizziness, headache, extreme fatigue, tingling or numbness, etc. Well, the truth of the matter is that […]

Diving Tips for Seniors

Age is not a barrier to entry when it comes to scuba diving. More and more we see people of all ages exploring the depths of the oceans and this excites us beyond description. We are especially thrilled to see how seniors are defying the expectations that society places on them by embracing the new, […]