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5 Shore Diving Tips & Tricks

Shore diving is both convenient and simple. First of all, it is a great way to avoid the fees associated with renting a personal craft or charter. Secondly, it is a great way to open up a whole new world of diving as many amateur divers soon discover. Here are some tips and tricks to […]

4 Tips for Choosing a New Dive Computer

It’s a fact that the more skill and confidence you gain as a diver, the more important the right dive computer will become to your trips. Dive computers make the entire dive experience more pleasurable, easier and safe. However, before you go out and buy just any old computer, there are a few things you […]

Nitrogen Narcosis: What it is and How you Can Prevent it

Alternately called the “compressed air intoxication” or “raptures of the deep”, nitrogen narcosis is a very real threat for divers who wish to truly test their mettle by making extremely deep descents. And while it is a relatively rare phenomenon, this has proven to be of very little consolation to divers who have succumbed to […]

Family Vacation Tips for Scuba Divers

Scuba diving is a fun family activity. The fact that more and more families around the country are choosing to dive together is proof of this. Some of the benefits of scuba is that it diving teaches kids valuable skills like working with a buddy, spatial awareness and respect for nature and the sea creatures […]

5 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Scuba Diving

Many people believe that with the proper attitude, work and patience you can overcome just about any fear. We believe this too. And when it comes to fears, scuba diving is near the top of the list for some people. However, there are specific techniques that can help even those with acute diving anxiety be […]

6 Celebrities who Scuba Dive

For years Holly wood has tried to capture the excitement of scuba diving in movies such as “Thunderball,” “The Abyss,” “Open Water.” To guarantee the most realistic scenes they can, directors have often asked that celebrities to be trained to scuba dive resulting in some very famous people growing an affinity and even a love […]

5 Things You Can Do for the Ocean

Almost by their very nature scuba divers are interested in seeing and experiencing marine wildlife in its most pristine and natural setting. Diving makes a person one with the ocean and instills in one the desire to not only experience this unique setting but protect it as well. How can you contribute to marine conservation […]