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Scuba Diving Reviews – On Maui

Maui Scuba Mike has become an enigmatic icon in the world of scuba diving. He’s a Certified PADI Master Instructor for several decades. New and experienced divers love Scuba Mike due to his tolerant and passionate technique of mentoring those who yearn to explore the underwater world of Maui. He wants all of his students to appreciate the magnificence of the sea. That is why Scuba Mike continuously improves his scuba diving packages.

Reviews of Scuba Mike and Maui Scuba Diving

The Maui scuba diving reviews particularly from have always been very impressive. Just this year, 55 out of 62 (90%) divers rated Scuba Mike as excellent. A diver from Portland, Oregon visiting Lahaina Maui had very kind words for one of Mike’s instructors after trying the Maui Scuba Diving Night, Scooter, and Discovery dive packages.

 “I have been diving for many years and this was one of my best dives,”

Another of the remarkable Maui scuba diving reviews described a gentleman and his girlfriend who opted for Maui Scuba Mike at the last minute. They already dived several times but were never certified yet. Scuba Mike took good care of them so they booked three more dives.We had such an exciting experience. Mike was so gracious and charming so we want to dive with him again,” the couple declared.

A woman from California also gave her two thumbs up for approval after going scooter diving. This was her best time in Maui and would like to thank Scuba Mike for that. In her Maui scuba diving review, she mentioned how Mike gave quick points although he seemed to be a bit overwhelming. Another couple described Mike as an awe-inspiring dive guide. They learned how to use the underwater diving scooter. Scuba Mike also taught their daughter scuba diving in approximately 20 minutes.

Here is one more of the best Maui scuba diving reviews:

We had a wonderful time with Scuba Mike. He explained everything regarding diving very openly and made all of us comfortable especially one nervous diver in our group. After that, she got the feel of diving right away.”

The woman said she will recommend Scuba Mike any time to peers and family members

All the Maui scuba diving reviews underscored the epic PADI diving instructions that divers can get from Maui Scuba Mike.

Amazing Maui Dive Sites

At Maui, you’ll certainly gaze in awe at the shallow channels cut up by the strong undercurrents that run through the islands of Hawaii. The southern shores of Maui comprise the northern peripheries of these straits while the southern portion is surrounded by the islands of Lanai, Molokai, and Kaho’olawe.

Aside from the Maui scuba diving reviews, the focus is on the West and South Maui dive sites. Olowalu Reef (also called Turtle Reef) ensures an incomparable experience for divers regardless of their experience and categories. It is a perfect place for night dives and beach divers or adventurers. This  beautiful underwater ridge situated around four miles south of Lahaina is among the most inimitable ocean reefs in Hawaii. Divers will find centuries-old massive coral heads and wealth of marine life including the rare species of black tip reef sharks and manta ray.

At the South Maui dive site, you can find the Five Caves or Five Graves at the southern tip of Kihei. This is where a prehistoric burial ground looks out over the ocean. Skilled divers, who want to uncover this underwater splendor, must be wary of the low waters within the entrance. Makena Landing (north of the entombment site) is the best alternative for divers who want to cross the threshold. Five Graves is challenging for veteran scuba divers with its numerous caverns and arches. The deepest abyss provides shelter for mystifying marine creatures.

Indeed, the place with its enchanting sea life and amazing reefs is a paradise for scuba divers and sea-buffs.

Maui Dive Tours

The affirmative Maui scuba diving reviews only show that Maui Scuba Mike is the ideal choice for divers who want to acquire PADI certification. Maui dive tours and lessons come in different categories that fit any class of diver. The personalized curriculum and affordable fees are among the factors that distinguish Scuba Mike from competitors. Scuba Mike will not only teach people the basics of diving. The diving specialist will also edify you on underwater environment preservation and avant-garde scuba diving methods. Scuba Mike employs a comprehensive and conscientious approach towards relating to the natural world.

The customized diving lessons and tours consist of the following:

  • Guided Dive
  • Scooter Dive (Learn more>)
  • Night Dive (Learn more>)
  • PADI Discovery Dive (Learn more>)
  • PADI Open Water (Learn more>)

Scuba Mike provides equipment which includes the dive mask, diving fins, snorkel, regulator, and scuba tank.

Divers choose Maui Scuba Mike for many reasons but the most common are the opportunity to get a PADI certification as they go along. At first, the goal of the diver could only be for leisure purposes. However, the earnest learner gradually develops a fondness for the certification program. Maui Scuba Mike will guide divers in obtaining accreditation for every skill and style acquired. Scuba ding will certainly connect you to the international community of divers which is a big advantage for your development.

Moreover, Maui Scuba Mike will make sure that you adhere to all safety rules and regulations as Scuba Mike has maintained an unblemished track record of safety since the company was established in 1980. It also built a solid reputation as one among the top-notch scuba diving instructors worldwide.

Eager divers can browse Maui Scuba Mike’s website at for possible queries. Maui Scuba Mike does not merely educate divers about the use of scuba diving gear. The team of Scuba Mike will help divers of different levels to build more confidence as underwater explorers. You can accomplish the online form on the website so Maui Scuba Mike can get back to you immediately.

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