Q&A WIth a Maui Scuba Diver

Meet the world famous scuba Instructor Mike Preztak

Hi this is Maui Scuba Diver Mike. I’ve been diving here and guiding guys on our beautiful Maui Island over 25 years and I want you to come and join us.

Q: What Maui Scuba Diving instruction programs do you offer?

We provide a full service scuba diving instruction program, as you can see here we provide top of the line, brand new gear. We deliver all the gear to the Maui dive site. We assemble the gear for you. Put it on your back and then guide you through a wonderful dive. We take maximum four scuba divers. So all our dives are extremely enjoyable and we spend about 40 minutes under water on the dive.

Q: How long does the Maui Scuba Dive Last?

On typical scuba dive it takes a total of about 2 hours. You’re PADI certification is very accessible, especially after taking your discovery program with us, which is dive number one for Maui PADI certification.

Q: Do you offer Open Water PADI certification?

We do open water certification, advance open water, rescue diver, dive master training and a number of specialty dives as there are deep diver, night diver, scooter diver, DPV, search and recovery, naturalism, photography. Your open water license will enable you to be considered a certified diver around the world for the rest of your life and will give you access to any given dive anywhere including here in Maui, Hawaii.

Q: Do you offer advanced dives?

Our further advanced specialty scuba diving classes  will make you a better diver, will make you more aware of the world and the water around you and therefore increase your enjoyment and also open further doors for more technical dives.

Q: Where do you provide scuba dive lessons on Maui?

Well we dive where conditions are best obviously. We dive from the North West corner, all the way to here. The South, Eastern corner of Maui. That whole stripe represents all of Hawaiian diving, which there is, canyons, Lava tubes, caverns and open reef. And we offer all these scuba dives in those areas around Maui and we pick the dive site daily based on where best conditions are best provided.

Q: What about the Maui Scooter Dive?

The scooter dive is the ultimate dive. The scooter will provide calmness, makes you appear more natural under water because you’re kicking and not working that hard so you become very calm, which calms the marine life around you and allows you and it to interact closer with each other. Of course as well you’re going to see way more because you cover about 6/7 times more ground you need. It was an enjoyable toy but it’s also a very valuable tool to enhance your scuba diving experience and your interaction with the marine world.

Q: What about the a Maui Night Dive?

The night dive in Maui is just awesome. At night, a whole other world appears. All the wildlife elements come alive. There are lots of shrimps, squids. You turn the lights on and you shake your head in the water because of everything you can see. The night scuba diving is a must do for the adventure seeking here in Maui.

Q: What is your experience as a Maui Scuba Instructor?

I’ve been spending my entire life doing sports, which there are action sports, skiing, wind surfing and surfing. But there is something very special about scuba diving. I love to start my day in the morning in a calm relax, meditative way and it’s the best way to do this, is to go on a relax scuba dive here in Maui and enjoy our underwater world, that gets me out of the house every morning, 30 years in a row here on Maui and I love it just like the first day.

Come Scuba diving with me here on Maui with Maui Scuba Mike!