Maui Night Dive

When you scuba dive in the dark, you will see the light!

What is a Maui Night Dive?

Night dives are naturally wrapped in mystery and hold underwater secrets most casual divers never experience. Scuba Mike provides both recreational and advanced dives under the hours of darkness. Experience an entirely different underwater ecosystem with Scuba Mike’s night dive packages. Fish, sea turtles, and eels all come out to play while you witness an entirely different type of atmosphere. Divers are amazed at the change of sea creature behavior and variety as they dive into the same location as they did just hours before. As day gives way to night, daytime underwater creatures also retire and rest allowing for a new set of characters to arrive on the scene. Often considered mythical, Maui night dives feature offshore reefs that will deliver everything a diver had hoped for and more!

A octopus are more adventurous at night

What To Expect On Your Maui Night Dive

Dusk night dives are often an excellent time for beginners to start their night diving adventures. With the sun low in the sky there is still enough light to gear up yet it is dark enough underwater to take in the beauty of what is often called an underwater “shift change.” This shift change is when the daytime sea creatures retire and nighttime sea creatures come out to play. One of the key elements to any Maui night dive is how well it allows daytime divers to maximize their Maui diving experiences. In just a matter of hours, divers can retrace their daytime swims and feel like they are in a whole new location!

With no specific rules, Maui night dives can take place at dusk, when the sun is low in the sky, or during the overnight when the moon is up. Scuba Mike wants your night dive to be safe and fun which is why he dives shallow and allows for plenty of time to explore. As you slowly move along, you will be overwhelmed by the vivid colors, moonlit ceiling, and new personalities of the plants and animals. Only the areas lit by your spotlight will be seen as opposed to a day time dive where you are constantly scanning your surroundings. The effect is incredible and sure to please beginners as well as more experienced divers.

What do you need to night dive?

Mike’s night dive packages are all-inclusive and include gear and a guided experience from start to finish. Scuba Mike has been working with divers for almost thirty years and knows all the right moves to make your Maui night dive extraordinary. He will help you secure your spotlight so you never lose your source of illumination mid dive. Mike also knows the best locations to get the most from your Maui dusk or night dive.

Take in a legendary Maui sunset and then submerse into a whole new level of diving pleasure. Watch coral change into vibrant magentas and blues as your spotlights illuminate a new spectrum of colors. While divers must be certified to enjoy a Maui night dive, this type of adventure is certainly not left to the experts only. Scuba Mike will prepare all details of your nighttime underwater journey as you witness breathtaking underwater sights.  

Beautiful sea life come alive at night

What Do Our Scuba Dive Students Say?

We splashed in one by one, with the waterproof lights making luminous green cones in the water. When we reached the bottom, the moon made a silver ceiling of the water surface above was amazing!”

MichaelNorth CarolinaTripAdvisor

“I was a bit nervous I admit, but as we approached Black Rock beach, the moon light and the glistening waters were inviting, I was immediately calmed by the water. My curiosity for what we were to experience crescendo’d as we dove down, Mike was measuring and professional, I put all my trust in his skills. The rest of the experience was pure bliss as we mingled with the ocean night life. Adventure meets a spiritual experience with nature. Wow!”

Wendy P.San Francisco TripAdvisor