One thing that excites visitors the most about our scuba packages in Mauhttps://mauiscubamike.comi is that it gives them the opportunity to observe wild spinner dolphins. The spinner dolphin (aka the long-snouted dolphin), is well known for its acrobatic abilities, its affable nature and is the kind most likely to be seen around Maui. So that you can become more familiar with this creature, we have gathered together these six interesting facts about these beautiful mammals.

  • Spinner dolphins belong to a family of ocean dolphins: There are four subspecies of spinner dolphins that inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. These subspecies are: the Central American spinner dolphin, eastern spinner dolphin, Hawaiian spinner dolphin and dwarf spinner dolphin.
  • The average gestation period for the spinner dolphin is estimated to be around 10 – 11 months: Female dolphins’ birth cycle is not much longer than humans. Moreover, females give birth every 2-4 years
  • Spinner dolphins are never completely at rest: Because all dolphins need to come to the surface to take in air, spinner dolphins’ brains are only partially at rest while they sleep. Part of their brain must tell them to come to surface to breathe air so that they do not drown. 
  • Wild spinner dolphins must maintain natural behaviors to thrive in the wild: If you see a wild spinner dolphin do not harass or otherwise bother it. Although most dolphins are inquisitive, do not mistake this character trait as tameness.  
  • Spinner dolphin face many faces threats: These majestic creatures are not without their enemies. Some things that threaten then – apart from humans – include: parasites, sharks, killer and pilot whales as well as boating and fishing nets. This is partially why they are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
  • No one is quite sure why these dolphins “spin”: The following reasons have been suggested to explain their spinning including: To clean their bodies of parasites, for courting members of the opposite sex, to communicate with each other and just for fun.

Yes, a guided dive tour in Maui will expose you to all kinds of fascinating sea life. Just remember to treat them with respect and keep a safe distance from them. This way you will be able to observe them behaving as they naturally would and you will also not run the risk of violating any laws concerning interacting with aquatic creatures. We look forward to seeing you this year. Aloha.