Scuba diving is a fun family activity. The fact that more and more families around the country are choosing to dive together is proof of this. Some of the benefits of scuba is that it diving teaches kids valuable skills like working with a buddy, spatial awareness and respect for nature and the sea creatures in it. Not to mention the fact that it allows them to exercise their growing bodies plus parents can be aware of where their children are at all times during a dive. So, by following these tips for planning your excursions you will be sure to have a fun and successful family dive vacation.

  • Choose a family-friendly vacation spot: Some dive facilities are geared more towards adults than towards children. Our facility is family friendly, allows children to learn about our oceans and caters to adults who want to spread the fun of diving to their entire clan. Just be sure to sit down with your family when you are deciding which facility to use.
  • Do your homework: Find out all you can about the operation before you book a vacation there. Learn if they have PADI certified instructors, if their instructors have experience with children and families before, etc.
  • Contact the dive operation before you book: This way the facility can know if there will be any dive restrictions. For example, divers from 10-15 have different depth restrictions than adults. Thus, not every dive site is appropriate for kids.
  • Don’t push your kids into diving: No matter how much you love diving as an adult, it is not for everyone. Therefore, try gradually introducing your child to diving by extolling its virtues and by supporting his/her learning process.
  • Get quality gear that fits kids well: Ill-fitting gear will make the entire diving experience difficult and even dangerous for your children. Take care in selecting the gear your children will wear and have them try out different suits prior to arriving.

Here’s hoping you’ll join the ranks of the many families who find fun and adventure in the underwater world. At Maui Scuba Mike, we even have custom dives in Maui and private scuba tours in Maui to make the entire experience even more unique. Plus, we are all set up to accommodate families. If you have any questions about diving with kids, don’t hesitate to contact our facility.