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Maui’s Marine Life

The underwater universe of Maui is so diverse and full of life that it really is a challenge to identify all the species that one is likely to encounter when diving here. Are you up to the challenge of knowing which species make our waters their home? Here are just few of the unique sea […]

6 Foods to Power Your Dive

People who scuba dive are very lucky for two reasons. First they get to explore a wonderful underwater world that only a few people have ever seen. Second, they are in a position to take advantage of all that has been learned in the past several decades about the bond between physical activity and food […]

5 Myths about Scuba Diving

At Maui Scuba Mike we love answering questions about the wonderful sport of scuba diving from our guests. We feel that the more people learn about scuba the more likely they will be to want to participate in diving whether it is with us or with their local scuba club. However, from time to time […]

Tips for Finding the Best Scuba Gear

There are countless online sources that purport to tell you exactly how to choose the right scuba gear. These include gear reviews, buddy recommendations and magazine articles, and now our humble little blog. Well, at the risk of adding to what may already be a confusing decision for first time divers, we would like to […]

5 Night Diving Tips for Beginners

There is something that seems counter-intuitive about night time diving. After all, diving by its very nature takes human beings out of our element as we seek to explore an alien environment. Descending into the inky darkness guided mainly by torches makes this already strange experience surreal and just a bit dangerous. Or is it […]

Tips for Avoiding Scuba Accidents

There are two rules at Maui Scuba Mike’s – have fun and be safe. The fun part takes care of itself. How could it not. We give you a panoramic view of a whole new world bristling with abundant life. As for the safety issue: Let’s just say that although our PADI certified Maui strive […]

The Therapeutic Benefits of Scuba Diving

One of the most unique things about scuba diving is that it transports you to an environment that is unlike just about any other environment on earth. Here, we don’t just mean the view of marine life that you are exposed to during a dive. We mean that scuba diving lessens the pull that gravity […]

Underwater Photography Tips

“I’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’ garden in the shade” ~ The Beatles. Do you wish to preserve the memory of your underwater experience for years to come? Do you wish to show friends in picture and/or video form how beautiful it is beneath the waters during our custom diving packages […]

Tips for First Time SCUBA Divers

It’s funny how different groups of people can view the same experience from totally different perspectives. For experienced SCUBA divers, exploring the depths of the ocean with its abundant flora and sea life is a totally stimulating adventure. For novices who long to discover the joys that this activity inspires in others, it can be […]

Top 5 Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

Our private dive tours in Maui have so many things to recommend, that one scarcely knows where to begin. For one thing, they satisfy mankind’s innate desire to seek adventure and to explore. For another, they help divers connect with others who belong to a tight-knit community of latter day explorers. However, what many who […]